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Spirits Brand Expands Consumer Database With This Festival Strategy

With AnyRoad’s platform, POPLIFE and their mezcal client gained a new understanding of consumers, which could be used to drive distribution decisions, tailor marketing efforts, and optimize future brand experiences


Spirits Brand Expands Consumer Database With This Festival Strategy


Data empowers this spirit brand to not only get to know their consumers on a deeper level, but puts them in the perfect position to aim their strategy with more precision.

107% consumer database growth

POPLIFE saw a 107% increase in the mezcal brand's consumer database growth, with opt-ins to keep the conversation going.

75% of attendees left as brand champions

NPS ratings collected on-site revealed what consumers really thought of the brand, and how it improved their perception.

75% lift in purchase intent post-experience

With such an intense marketing budget, POPLIFE learned exactly how events impacted purchase decisions, vital for the brand's growth.


“AnyRoad has made data capture a seamless integration for our events."

In 2023, an artisanal mezcal brand collaborated with agency POPLIFE to develop and execute a best-in-class festival platform to introduce consumers to the wonderful world of mezcal. 

Through activations at key festivals, like III Points (FL) and Portola (CA), the brand aimed to drive awareness, win over more brand champions, and get “liquid to lips” among target consumers in key markets, using AnyRoad to measure their success.  

Grow. Drive. Demonstrate.

Grow. Drive. Demonstrate.

PopLife and their alcohol client aimed to use AnyRoad to:

  • Grow awareness and their database by collecting consumer information and opt-ins during the activation
  • Drive the festival experience back to purchasing to show impact
  • Demonstrate the success of the activation on their marketing goals with brand awareness, marketing opt-ins, and properly understand who was new to brand

The alcohol brand used AnyRoad during two festival events, introducing consumers to classic drink recipes using their mezcal. 

The strategy went like this:

  • Capture valuable insights from festival goers onsite  – regardless of Wi-fi availability
  • For the two days of each festival, the mezcal brand used AnyRoad to collect data from festival goers – including demographic data, contact information, insight into preferences and behaviors, and more.
  • Festival goers were rewarded for sharing their info with festival-style branded swag, like LED rabbit ears and trucker hats as a value exchange
  • Thanks to AnyRoad’s offline capabilities, the team didn’t miss a beat when the Wi-fi got fuzzy, ensuring they could still seamlessly collect data from attendees, ensuring data standardization throughout
  • Follow-up to gain a deeper understanding of consumers 
  • After the festival, everyone who registered with the alcohol brand received a follow-up survey
  • This allowed them to not only measure consumers’ sentiment about the activation but also gather deeper insights such as purchase history and intent
  • Measure the impact of the experience
  • Using AnyRoad’s analytics, POPLIFE could quickly surface trends and key metrics on event success to the stakeholders at the brand
  • The automated reporting meant they could understand success immediately and saved the POPLIFE team hours in analyzing data manually 
Data Analysis Focus Areas

Data Analysis Focus Areas

POPLIFE used AnyRoad’s analytics to learn more about the mezcal brand’s consumers and the event's success. AnyRoad enabled them to understand:

  • Where and how the brand attracted new consumers – Since the festivals took place in key distribution areas, POPLIFE and the mezcal brand wanted to understand how many of their target consumers had yet to try their mezcal in the distribution zone. 
  • How different events affect purchase intention – With such an intense marketing budget, it was essential to understand just how the events impacted buying decisions and revenue. 
  • What the impact on brand perception was – With the focus on maximizing distribution effectiveness, it was vital for the agency and brand to see how their outreach and experiences improved current buyer and new consumer perceptions.

With AnyRoad’s platform, POPLIFE and their mezcal client gained a new understanding of consumers, which could be used to drive distribution decisions, tailor marketing efforts, and optimize future brand experiences. Additionally, with a significant increase in opted-in contacts, the alcohol brand will be able to continue growing brand awareness and building long-term relationships with its target consumers. 

  • Marketable database growth: Capturing data via AnyRoad opened a unique data capture channel. The brand captured 45-50% more data, with 42% of attendees opting into future marketing communications.
  • Increased brand awareness: 34% of consumers who registered at the activation were new to the brand 
  • Demonstrate the impact of events on consumer purchasing behavior: 85% of consumers engaged reported intent to purchase the brand’s mezcal post-event
  • Time saved thanks to centralized data and automated reporting: Detailed reports could be pulled in around 20 minutes, which has significantly improved the time spent reporting on success.


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