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Festival Promotion Meets Activation

OCESA had a plan: track who attended a particular festival, how attendees felt about the event, and sponsoring brands – making selling sponsorship to more brands easier. Read how they did it!


Festival Promotion Meets Activation


The goal? Identify the value.

7,802 festival attendees registered

Using AnyRoad Live, OCESA was able to collect over 7,800 registration to help understand not only more about who's attending their festivals, but also what they thought about the event.

1,111 post-event feedback responses

After the event, attendees were prompted for feedback, and because of ease and excitement, 1,111 responded.

Easier sponsorship sales

OCESA was able to prove their effect on fans by identifying the value of their festival to potential sponsors.


How did they do it?

OCESA used AnyRoad to track who attended a particular festival, how attendees felt about the event, and sponsoring brands – making it easier to sell sponsorships. With the volume of festival attendees, WiFi can be unreliable, so they used AnyRoad Live for in-person offline data capture to collect demographics, capture marketing opt-ins, measure event satisfaction & affinity for sponsoring brands, and identify the value the festival provided to the sponsors.

Collect Capture Measure

Collect Capture Measure

OCESA aimed to use events to:

  • Collect demographic information that would help them sell sponsorships
  • Capture marketing opt-ins so they could retarget their attendees to drive future festival pass and ticket sales
  • Measure festival satisfaction with a post-event NPS survey and consumer affinity for sponsorship brands

OCESA used AnyRoad to:

  • Capture consumer data, even offline — Wifi was spotty in the festival field, so AnyRoad’s offline feature allowed OCESA to ensure that they’d still be able to collect information and upload it to their account when they went back online
  • Grow its marketable database— Supercharge OCESA’s marketing efforts by collecting zero-party data instead of relying on limited visibility through third-party middlemen
  • Find a new way to enrich their data reports to sponsors by adding experiential marketing


Using AnyRoad’s platform, OCESA was able to:

  • Register 7,802 festival attendees
  • Gather 1,111 post-event feedback responses with 80% of them rating as promoters in their NPS responses
  • Identify the value that the festival provided to the fans
  • Evaluate the overall festival experience to identify its strengths and weaknesses

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