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Conversate Collective Discovered a 74% Conversion Rate

When an award-winning CPG beauty brand wanted to better understand consumers, they turned to Conversate Collective to run their field marketing events.

Conversate Collective

Conversate Collective Discovered a 74% Conversion Rate


With detailed demographic insights and segmentation, the CPG brand could tell which consumers to target going forward.

Specific Buyer Preferences

50% surveyed bought from Walgreens and Target

Higher Conversion Rate

74% of guests are more likely to buy post-event

More Demographic Research

100% improved consumer profiles with vital demographic info


Consumer insights to drive growth

Conversate Collective, an experiential events agency, was eager to create purchasing behavior profiles to drive revenue for their CPG beauty client. 

The best way to build that database? A series of large-scale field marketing events

Conversate’s goal was not only to engage large segments of the beauty brand’s consumer base, but also to learn more about them. They were eager to understand more about consumer behavior, like where they live, shop, and how often they use the brand’s beauty products.

Learn. Drive. Engage.

Learn. Drive. Engage.

With AnyRoad, Conversate aimed to:

  • Learn more about the CPG beauty brand's consumers.
  • Drive more realistic and targeted marketing spend.
  • Engage consumers where they're at and drive conversion.

Conversate began developing a series of four large-scale field marketing experiences. But for the data piece, it turned to AnyRoad. With flexible data capture, like contactless QR codes and mobile registration, AnyRoad made it easy for the brand to gather data from its consumers.

Conversate used AnyRoad to collect an information treasure trove like consumer location and ZIP code, demographic info such as ethnic background, and purchase behavior data like where they go to buy the beauty brand’s products and how often they use the products. 

In fact, AnyRoad helped them learn that over 50% surveyed bought the beauty brand from Walgreens and Target. With detailed demographic insights and segmentation, the beauty brand could now tell who to target going forward.

Focus Area

Focus Area

Conversate used AnyRoad’s analytics to surface trends and learn:

  • Which consumers were regulars vs. new to the brand
  • What experience types drove the highest net promoter scores among attendees
  • The impact of events on consumer purchasing

Not only was AnyRoad’s platform able to identify buyer behavior, it also found new cultural segments the beauty brand could market its products to. AnyRoad’s insights and reporting also discovered that of all the events, beauty consultations were the most popular.

Perhaps most telling of all, AnyRoad data showed that 74% of guests were more likely to purchase the CPG beauty brand’s product after attending one of the events.

"It was helpful to have this data to really know what and how customers were feeling and how that aligned or didn't align, with what brand was doing or expectations that they had,” says Aja Bradley-Kemp, Conversate’s Founder and Chief Experience Officer.

Ultimately, AnyRoad helped Conversate and their beauty brand client gain a clearer picture of how they perform with their current demographic, and who they should consider targeting going forward. Those insights are critical as the beauty brand works to scale, grow its business, and meet the needs of loyal and new fans alike.

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