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Absolut’s Brand Home Improved Their Average Guest Revenue By 36%

As a brand rich in history and with a loyal following, the marketing team at Absolut embarked on an ambitious project to develop a brand home in Åhus.


Absolut’s Brand Home Improved Their Average Guest Revenue By 36%


The Absolut marketing team embarked on an ambitious project to develop a brand home in Åhus.

36% increase in average guest revenue

Absolut unlocked a new stream of revenue and loyalty through their brand home insights.

85% brand conversion rate post-event

Consistently created new brand champions through feedback and improvements.

#1 Thing to Do in Åhus

Improvements from feedback and insights led Absolut to receive recognition from TripAdvisor.


Becoming the #1 Thing to Do

Absolut’s Brand Home Dream

Absolut Rent Brännvin, or “Absolutely Pure Vodka,” was initially produced in southern Sweden in 1879. Today, Absolut has grown to be one of the largest spirits brands in the world and is sold in 126 countries. 

As the brand grew, so did the Absolut marketing team’s aspirations for brand experiences. They originally wanted to create a small brand home that could act as a self-sufficient revenue stream and a museum dedicated to its history. But after visiting Pernod-Ricard’s legendary brand home experiences, they realized they could dream much bigger.

But that would mean a larger investment than they intended with this expansion and an all-in creative mindset towards building a world-class visitor experience.

Invest. Learn. Create.

Invest. Learn. Create.

When starting with AnyRoad, Absolut focused on key goals:

AnyRoad’s 24/7 Customer Support

Meeting the technical needs was only half the equation for picking software. Absolut’s timezone meant that 24/7 customer support, reservation management, and analytics were vital. That’s where AnyRoad came into play.

Not only did the AnyRoad products deliver on Absolut’s technical needs, but they also surpassed expectations. Most notably, AnyRoad delivered 24/7 customer support, a must-have for Absolut in improving the guest experience and supporting staff.

“AnyRoad’s 24/7 customer support is excellent. The support team provides quick answers and is patient and friendly.”

Lisa Fleron, Operations Manager, Absolut Home

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Working with the AnyRoad team, Absolut outlined a list of must-haves:

  • 24/7 Customer Support — Constant and responsive support to help set-up and problem solve. 
  • Smooth Reservation Management Improve the guest experience through AnyRoad’s reliable and simple platform.
  • First-Party Analytics Collect data and surface trends from the visitors themselves in easy reporting.

Absolut’s Dream Realized and More

Using AnyRoad, the Absolut team can now look at a combination of guest bookings, revenue, and visitor satisfaction for a holistic picture of their business. They use the insights to develop new experiences and determine their success metrics

For example, the team recently discovered that smaller guest groups generate more revenue per guest, and focusing on tour size influences higher guest satisfaction!

This data-driven approach has paid off for the Absolut Home team. Since 2018 they’ve:

  • Increased average revenue per guest by 36%
  • Achieved a best practice visitor NPS of 75
  • Consistently created new brand champions with a brand conversion score of 85%
  • Received recognition from TripAdvisor as the #1 Thing to Do in Åhus


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