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Old Dominick Grows Tour Revenue by 11% in Less Than 6 Months

The Memphis-based distillery successfully increases its visibility by offering an expanded array of insight-driven experiences.

Old Dominick

Old Dominick Grows Tour Revenue by 11% in Less Than 6 Months


Old Dominick increased visibility with new insight-driven experiences.

11% Tour Revenue Growth

Old Dominick used AnyRoad's platform to track customer demand and offer new experiences for more revenue.

Fans Across 15 States

Old Dominick welcomes fans and tour attendees from 15 different states.

150 Years

This family-owned distillery has been a Memphis fixture for over 150 years.


Old Dominick Scales With Specificity

A Mandate for Growth

Old Dominick Distillery has been a fixture in Memphis for over 150 years. Revered by locals, tourists, and customers in 15 states, the family-owned business is known for its straight Tennessee whiskey and wide range of hand-crafted spirits. For many, one of the most memorable ways to enjoy the Old Dominick experience is by participating in a distillery tour.

The tours were first introduced about six years ago. “At the time, they were only running them a few days a week,” recalls Ben Brown, who joined Old Dominick as its Director of Guest Experience in 2021. “We had limited staff, but the real issue was that we also had the wrong tech. The platform we were using had some pretty big limitations that made it difficult to scale our offerings. It wasn’t user-friendly, didn’t allow us to gather the customer feedback we needed to do better, and just didn’t run smoothly.”

Brown, who had been brought on to help increase the distillery’s visibility and ultimately help grow the business, soon began looking for a better solution

“We wanted a tool that was easy to use and that would allow us to gather the customer insights we needed to help make smart choices about expanding our event offerings,” says Brown.

Gather. Grow. Increase.

Gather. Grow. Increase.

Gather. Grow. Increase.

Meeting the Mandate with AnyRoad

In January 2023, Brown and his team started using AnyRoad to manage its online and in-person tour bookings. Because the platform is easy to use and automatically collects customer feedback, it gave Old Dominick the flexibility they needed to increase the number of tours they offered and create new customer experiences. 

In addition to now offering tours seven days a week, Brown says they have also been able to refine their tours based on customer feedback and introduce new events. “We’ve started offering bourbon and brushstrokes nights, salsa nights and VIP tours. Not only do events like these sell out, they allow us to start building relationships with new customers.”

Beyond the customer insights AnyRoad delivers, it’s the ease of use that staff and customers appreciate. “Posting a new event to our website used to be a hassle, but now we can do it in a matter of minutes,” says Brown. “And the experience is much easier for our customers, who can sign up online or in-store with just a few clicks.” 

“Best of all, because AnyRoad integrates with our website, the whole experience is seamless, and customers aren’t sent off to some strange third-party app to complete the transaction.”

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Working with AnyRoad, Old Dominick outlined a list of focus areas:

  • Automatically Collect Feedback — Give Old Dominick the flexibility they needed to collect customer insights and increase the number of offered tours.
  • Build New Relationships — Refine their events with new and exciting opportunities to welcome in new customers and expand their demographic.
  • Easy Website Integration — Keep booking registration on Old Dominick's site instead of sending customers off to a strange third-party app.

A Recipe for Success

Increasing the amount of tours and other customer experiences Old Dominick offers has had a direct impact on the company’s bottom line. “We’ve increased our tour revenue by 11% in less than six months,” says Brown. Not only are we offering more experiences, but we’re also offering more expensive ones like our VIP tours. At $50 a head versus the $15 we charge for our regular tour, it really adds up.”

Another benefit of having more people come to Old Dominick is that they get to appreciate what a great space it is. “When I got here, our event space was completely underutilized,” says Brown. “Now that so many people are seeing it, our booking for rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, and other events has gone through the roof. It’s been a nice side benefit and another lucrative revenue stream.”

Brown says he also likes working with the AnyRoad team. “AnyRoad isn’t just a vendor; they’re a partner. They’ve been great to work with because they’re as committed to our success as we are.”


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