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Burnt Church Distillery Starts Strong and Scales with AnyRoad

See how Burnt Church uses AnyRoad's feedback tool to improve their events and offer new distillery experiences that visitors love.

Burnt Church Distillery

Burnt Church Distillery Starts Strong and Scales with AnyRoad


Burnt Church uses feedback to improve and add to their experiences.

#4 Distillery in the US

Using AnyRoad's email collection, Burnt Church used their audience voting power to earn a #4 distillery ranking with USA Today.

Marketing Spend Accuracy

AnyRoad helps Burnt Church justify their marketing spend cost by showing the owners exactly how many guests say they found the tour from different efforts.

Customer-Driven Development

Burnt Church is developing mixology classes and a higher-end tour, both ideas they got from customer feedback surfaced by AnyRoad.


How Burnt Church Started Scaling

Finding the right tool for success

Burnt Church Distillery has been eager to welcome guests since opening its doors in early 2021. The Bluffton, South Carolina-based distillery is popular with locals and tourists who enjoy sampling unique spirits while learning about local history. 

For many visitors, a key part of that experience is taking a distillery tour, where they see how the spirits are made, hear stories about the Lowcountry, and taste their choice of whiskey, gin, and vodka.

Burnt Church began running tours about a year after opening its doors. Eager to make them a success, the distillery wanted to adopt the right technology for website-native online bookings and handle walk-in guests. 

Chris Crowe, Burnt Church’s General Manager, knew the tour would be a rich insight source to grow the business, provided they had a seamless way to collect the right data.

“The president of the Kentucky Distillers’ Association is a friend of mine, and when I told him what we were doing here, he immediately suggested AnyRoad,” recalls Crowe. AnyRoad has been the KDA’s preferred solution for tour management for three years.

“I looked into AnyRoad and loved how it integrates seamlessly into our website and all the data and insights it provides. We’ve been using it ever since.”

Learn. Grow. Create.

Learn. Grow. Create.

Learn. Grow. Create.

Gathering feedback to improve tours

Many of those insights come from guest feedback. “The feedback we’ve collected has been useful in helping us refine our offerings,” says Crowe. “For example, a lot of people have commented that they’d like a takeaway, like a glass, so we’re working on that and other things we can do to add more value while also allowing us to increase how much we charge.”

Perhaps most helpful have been insights about which states guests are coming from. “It’s given us a very clear direction of where to go next regarding distribution,” says Crowe. “We get a lot of folks from Florida who can’t buy our products there at the moment, so that’s an obvious target for us.” 

AnyRoad has also helped narrow down where to spend Burnt Church’s marketing budget. “We’ve got billboards on I-95 advertising the tour,” says Crowe. “It sounds old school, but I justify the cost by showing the owners exactly how many of our guests say they found out about the tour from one of those billboards. That’s incredibly helpful in making sure we’re putting our marketing budget where it will have the biggest impact.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

  • More Informed Decisions — Narrow down where to spend Burnt Church's marketing budget and what to double down on.
  • Improved Customer Understanding — Use AnyRoad's feedback tool to open communication between customers and Burnt Church to give visitors exactly what they want.
  • Data-Backed Distribution — Surface where guests are coming from for clear direction on where to focus their distribution.

Driving future growth with customer ideas

Looking ahead, Crowe says that he and his team are developing mixology classes and a higher-end tour, both ideas he got from customer feedback. 

Burnt Church was also recently nominated by USA Today for offering one of the top distillery tours in the country. “Thanks to AnyRoad, we had all of our tour guests’ email addresses and were able to reach out and ask them to vote for us. Our tour was ultimately ranked number four in the country.”

“AnyRoad has been a great partner,” notes Crowe. They’ve helped us grow our business and create a nationally recognized tour for our guests. We couldn’t be happier.”


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