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Anchor Brewing Co. Collects 200% More First-Party Data

Anchor Brewing Co. in San Francisco uses one secret tool to gather 200% more customer data than before. Read on to learn the trick!

Anchor Brewing Co.

Anchor Brewing Co. Collects 200% More First-Party Data


San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing has been a hot tourist destination since 1896 with a brewery tour that’s a sensorial experience.

200% more first-party data

After AnyRoad, Anchor saw a huge increase in data collection. Online booking helps Anchor better understand and market to their target audience.

Thousands of tourists per year

In order to stay relevant and continue attracting crowds, they needed to update their tour process while delivering a memorable experience.

Top brewery tour in San Francisco

Anchor Brewing Co. is a staple in the San Francisco craft beer scene, and their iconic brewery has been a must-visit location.


How Anchor Made it Happen

Anchor’s Growth Plan

Anchor Brewing Co. is a staple in the San Francisco craft beer scene, and their iconic brewery has been a must-visit location. To stay relevant, they needed to update their tour process while delivering a memorable experience that kept their visitors coming back.

“I’m pretty sure the tech we were using before AnyRoad was from 1896,” Angela Knotts, Director of Brand Marketing at Anchor, says. “Everything was very manual and cumbersome. If you don’t have an easy user flow, you’ll have folks who opt out.”

Anchor allocated their resources to manage transactions and database collection on pen and paper— as a result their first consumer touchpoint was a clunky welcome. 

“If the welcome experience is negative, who will want to come? It’s important to create a feel-good experience from the jump.” Knotts notes with a laugh. 

“When we think of experiential, we think of our home as a way to romance people. It’s like going on a date. You want people to walk away with the feeling of, ‘oh wow, yes — I’d like to see them again.’”

Welcome. Learn. Lean In.

Welcome. Learn. Lean In.

Working with AnyRoad, Anchor used the booking software and insights to:

Anchor’s Solution with AnyRoad

Anchor Brewing Co. adopted AnyRoad for a more relevant booking tool and data collection system, and when Knotts started she immediately recognized the platform from her last company. 

“This will be my second time using AnyRoad. I worked at Craft Brew Alliance, and we activated AnyRoad on the RedHook Brewery brand I managed. So I knew that it would allow Anchor a more seamless user experience and probably allowed us to scale with sign-ups.”

Anchor Brewing uses AnyRoad’s experiential marketing platform to manage its San Francisco brand home tours. Guests book their tickets and pay directly on Anchor’s website, and Knotts can collect important customer data that helps her better understand and market to Anchor’s audience. 

She confirmed that since using AnyRoad, they collect 200% more customer data than before and are putting it to good use.

Knotts leverages insights from the Atlas feature to demonstrate their business impact and make improvements to deliver a world-class tour experience. AnyRoad helps track performance metrics that matter while collecting and analyzing guest feedback

“When you have that information, customers tell you what they liked or didn’t like about you. You can use that information to learn, grow, and improve. And that’s really valuable.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Working with the AnyRoad team, Anchor Brewing outlined a list of focus areas:

  • Seamless User Experience — Offer a simple booking tool that makes it easy to sign up for tours and cover walk-ins. 
  • Feedback to Grow Loyalty — Create more opportunities for guests to feel heard and for tours to improve.
  • Collect More Data — Better understand who’s coming into the tours.
  • Scale Sign-Ups — Increase sign-ups sustainably without a substantial cost boost.

Anchor’s Advice for Brand Marketing

“If you have the benefit of people being able to come directly to you, this is your competitive advantage. Take advantage of that one-on-one connection because those folks will become your evangelists, and it will make infinite returns for your business. You need that information to have those conversations and, ideally, monetize that information and continue those conversations with your superfans.”


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