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Atlas Insights

Event Insights to Demonstrate Brand Impact & Prove ROI

Utilize best-in-class experience analytics and event insights to deeply understand your guests, confidently demonstrate success, and surface opportunities to further grow brand loyalty and revenue from your experiential marketing efforts.

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“AnyRoad helped us understand not just our festival goers but also how sponsors can benefit from partnering with us. Their on-the-ground support and expertise was first class, and really helped us execute.”

Omar Aguilera, Commercial Intelligence Manager | OCESA

“AnyRoad has made data capture a seamless integration for our events. The platform is user-friendly, allowing quick training sessions for those responsible for on-site check-ins and scans. AnyRoad has alleviated stress on-site knowing that our check-in process and data capture are solid online and offline."

Danielle Veneziano, Account Coordinator | POPLIFE

“Adopting AnyRoad is the best decision we’ve made in a long time, It’s much easier to use for us and our customers, it saves us time, and it gives us the data we need to help grow the business. We’re really excited to have found such a great partner."

- Matt King, General Manager | Leiper’s Fork

"It was helpful to have this data to really know what and how customers were feeling and how that aligned or didn't align, with what brand was doing or expectations that they had.”

Aja Bradley-Kemp, Founder & Chief Experience Officer | Conversate Collective

Flexible Reporting & Event Insights

Evaluate Experiential Marketing Performance

Leverage out-of-the-box dashboards for real-time visibility into experience performance and ROI. Want to align your insights with your top goals and priorities? Configure reports and custom dashboards for a tailored view of the metrics and KPIs that matter most. 

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Actionable Trends

Dive Deep into Your Data & Surface Opportunities

Industry-leading data capture is only step one. AnyRoad makes it easy to segment event insights and map your guests by demographics, psychographics, NPS, and more. Improve your marketing efforts by deeply understanding your guests and get actionable insights to make experiences more impactful.

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Know Why Experiences Are Driving Impact

Post-experience surveys measure the guest experience and impact on purchase behavior, while collecting feedback on exactly what drives consumer satisfaction. Pinpoint puts AI-powered feedback analysis in your hands to surface trends automatically, interpret what customers like — and don’t like — about your experiences, and what you can do to improve.

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Industry Benchmarks

See How Your Experiences Stack Up

Layer industry benchmarks over your brand’s experiential marketing data to see where you are over- and under-performing compared to peers in your industry. Overlay brand impact metrics such as NPS on top of guest demographics, experience type, and more to get a more complete picture of your experiences.

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Make Every Experience Count

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