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Fleetwood Paints boasts a 90% conversion rate through this marketing technique

Building brand love with personalized color consultations, in-store and online, +60 NPS improvement from pre- to post- brand experience.

Fleetwood Paints

Fleetwood Paints boasts a 90% conversion rate through this marketing technique


Fleetwood Paints is a leading paint manufacturer and distributor in the UK and Ireland sold through 250 retail partners.

50 hours saved per month

A two minute booking process that saves their marketing team valuable time.

40% increase in online bookings

With customer feedback, Fleetwood adjusted their schedule for a bookings boost.

90% post-event conversion rate

Consumers who book online consultations overwhelmingly convert to in-store sales.


Fleetwood Paints puts education first


Since 2010, Fleetwood Paints has partnered with celebrity brand ambassadors and interior designers for in-store consultations and online guidance via Instagram Live. They had four major goals with their experience program:

  • Expand consultations online. Fleetwood Paints could only host in-store consultations at retail partners, losing a competitive edge to brands providing online consultations.
  • Better customer experience across the board. Pre-AnyRoad, Fleetwood Paints scheduled appointments through Instagram direct messages, then contacted their designers to secure availability and confirm timing with both parties — a tedious and friction-heavy process.
  • Stronger personalization throughout the consultation journey. Although they were confirming appointments and getting designers and customers to store locations, there was no reporting process to collect customer data, abruptly ending the customer journey.
  • Create meaningful and impactful consultations for customers. The data Fleetwood Paints collected from their customers could have been more extensive and accurately depicted who they were and what drove them to the brand.
Expand. Improve. Create.

Expand. Improve. Create.

When working with AnyRoad, Fleetwood planned to use the platform to:

Fleetwood puts learning into action with AnyRoad

Fleetwood partnered with AnyRoad in 2021 to streamline the appointment process, scale their omnichannel presence, and glean more insights about their consumers to create a smoother follow-up process. These insights, in turn, were used to create more competitive and impactful experiences to increase sales and foot traffic into their retail partners’ stores.

Fleetwood Paints’ new online and in-person approach with AnyRoad had an immediate impact; their 30-minute booking process now takes less than two minutes and saved their marketing team 50 hours per month on average.

With the new analytics unlocked by AnyRoad, Fleetwood Paints learned that over 60% of their customers prefer consultation bookings in the morning. When Fleetwood adjusted their consultation schedules, they saw a 40% increase in online bookings.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Fleetwood worked with AnyRoad to outline a list of focus areas:

  • Scale An Omnichannel PresenceBalance bookings in-store and online without major additional costs. 
  • Streamline BookingsBring a 30-minute complex Instagram request system to one online form. 
  • Create a Smoother Follow-UpUse AnyRoad’s insights to learn more information about their customers for a more personalized touch. 
  • Build For Competition — Create a more competitive and impactful experience to increase sales and foot traffic into retail partners.


After piloting their new programs, including putting QR codes directing consumers to book consultations in partner retail stores, they saw improvement.

  • A post-experience NPS of 100 (best in class compared to other brands)
  • 90% conversion rate from online color consultations to in-store sales 
  • 95% of guests reported an intention to spend
  • 100% reported designer satisfaction when working with Fleetwood due to their ‘professional and easy-to-use platform.’

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