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Horse Country

Leveraging data and insights to build better experiences and grow sales 40%

Visit Horse Country Experiences

Horse Country

Leveraging data and insights to build better experiences and grow sales 40%

Visit Horse Country Experiences


Beyond bluegrass and bourbon, Kentucky is arguably most famous for the Kentucky Derby and its culture of raising thoroughbred horses. Kentucky is at the epicenter of a massive global industry that generates $5 billion in annual race revenue in North America alone.

Horse Country, a 501(c)(3) organization that connects consumers with Kentucky horse culture, builds bridges between visitors to the Bluegrass State and its horse racing heritage. Visitors are given a unique glimpse into the land, people, and horses that make Kentucky a global leader in equine culture and sports.

To accomplish this goal, Horse Country offers guests specifically curated experiences that expose them to all aspects of raising and training horses. Working with a partner network of 32 locations across the state, Horse Country facilitates educational and experiential visits to working farms, rehabilitation and adoption centers, race tracks, feeding centers, stud farms, nurseries, and more all in the name of preserving the heritage, history, and promising future of horse racing.

Horse Country’s goal is to create more fans of horse culture and horse racing. Because the organization’s partner sites are working facilities, however, visitor experience tends to be a secondary priority to caring for horses. For the Horse Country team, this means it can be difficult to gauge guest interests and how to perfect the ideal visitor experiences. The team needed a solution that could help them engage new guests, inspire visitors, and build future generations of horse industry fans.


Beyond reaching new guests and building the horse racing brand across and outside of Kentucky, Horse Country must also work with member organizations and engage them to host new and exciting experiences.

With this in mind, it’s essential for the organization to have the baseline data and analytics to show value for participating destinations. When participating locations are geographically dispersed, however, the challenge can be amplified. The ultimate objective for Horse Country is to identify and engage new visitors, keep current partners motivated, and develop an infrastructure capable of managing such a broad range of locations and experiences.

The solution

Prior to working with AnyRoad, Horse Country had a less than satisfactory implementation with another experience analytics platform. Challenges included disconnected systems, data silos, and manual data scraping and connection for insights. Faced with a suite of tools that did not meet their needs, Horse Country found AnyRoad and began the process of implementing a single solution for their organization.

Today, Horse Country has more than 70 unique experiences live at any time on the AnyRoad experience relationship management (ERM) platform. The team is empowered to manage bookings, access real-time visitor data and reporting, as well as assess visitor net promoter score (NPS) pre- and post-visit.

Using the AnyRoad platform, Horse Country also:

  • Deployed AnyRoad Atlas and AnyRoad Experience Manager across all member locations
  • Standardized customer insights to highlight differences among locations
  • Leveraged guest feedback to increase the number of experiences offered by 20%
  • Segmented their library of experiences on their website to better serve guest interests


Horse Country’s investment in the customer experience paid off. After deploying AnyRoad’s solutions, the Horse Country team was able to streamline experience management, including managing relationships with partner organizations, while also establishing data baselines around visitor experiences. The team now has the foundation to better understand visitor expectations and needs and how to adjust accordingly. By harnessing these essential insights, Horse Country has increased ticket sales 40% year over year, expanded the volume of their tour offerings by 20% while maintaining an industry leading NPS.

“Our successful relationship with AnyRoad is thanks to the company’s ability to deliver the data and insights we need to build better experiences, maintaining a single source of truth for our partner network, and aligning with our commitment to giving visitors a positive experience with Kentucky’s equine heritage.”


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