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300 field marketing events in 12 months, capturing over a hundred first-party data points per event.


300 field marketing events in 12 months, capturing over a hundred first-party data points per event.


JUST Egg, a plant-based egg made by Eat Just, learned through market research that the biggest barrier to getting consumers to try their product was hesitation about whether a plant-based egg could taste as good or better than one from a chicken. Yet, 90% of consumers who taste the product go on to buy it.

Knowing that opportunities to get consumers to taste the product require planning and skilled execution, the company decided to invest in a field marketing program and hired experienced industry leader Adrian Santos to build it from scratch. Heading into 2022, Adrian and his team planned 300 events around the country to double the number of eggs in mouths every quarter.


From prior experience, Adrian knew that setting up a data-centric program would allow him to prove the value of a field marketing function to the company’s C-suite.

“Why does digital marketing get to have all the fun with data? Field marketing should be able to leverage the power of data too.”

Adrian Santos, Director Of Field Marketing, Eat Just, Inc

When planning hundreds of events, Adrian knew it would be a huge opportunity to:

  • Better understand and serve new and existing JUST Egg consumers 
  • Add marketable contacts into JUST Egg’s database
  • Drive greater awareness and more purchases of JUST Egg products

To plan 300 events, he started with market research that told him consumers of JUST Egg are interested in music and health and wellness, but this was just high level market research. He began the program knowing that throughout the year, he’d need to use data and insights to understand and improve the slate of events and JUST Egg’s presence at these events.


JUST Egg began their event schedule using AnyRoad Live, an iOS app and QR code-based data-capture platform, to capture first-party data on-site, then follow up with a pulse survey to attendees after the events.

They tied on-site data capture to product giveaways, creating a frictionless process to collect critical data from each event.

Immediately after each activation, Adrian checked AnyRoad Atlas, the insights and intelligence side of AnyRoad, to better understand who the attendees were, how the event impacted them and what he could do to improve the next event.

By consulting Atlas after the first event, he gleaned two major insights:

  • There was a critical product sampling issue. The eggs had been served with spinach and tomatoes on a sandwich, but event attendees reported that the vegetables made the sandwich soggy. Adrian’s team was able to implement a simple fix, but the insight wouldn’t have been available without qualitative pulse survey feedback from attendees.
  • Although the event was in the Washington, D.C. area, a large number of attendees were from New York. If this demographic was interested in JUST Egg products, he should add more events in New York to the schedule.


After each event run using AnyRoad, JUST Egg was better positioned to understand their consumers, capture valuable first-party data to add to their marketing efforts and gather insights for how to improve future activations.

Notably, Adrian and his team:

  • Learned to improve product sampling for JUST Egg
  • Gathered hundreds of first-party data records from a single event
  • Made changes to the event schedule based on new demographic insights

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