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February 1, 2023

AnyRoad Customers Experience Deepening Relationships as In Person Experiences Return

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New Platform Enhancements and Extended Effort in EMEA Accelerate Customer Growth Demonstrating ROI of Experiential Marketing Takes off in 2023

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- AnyRoad, the leading platform for data-driven experiential marketing, today announced a strong finish to 2022 fueled by ongoing expansion in the European market, platform enhancements that help customers streamline and scale their experiential programs with a flexible, configurable platform and new brands signed, including Westfield, Preservation Distillery and Heaven's Door. The company's momentum was on the heels of AnyRoad's debut as a High Performer on the G2 Winter 2023 Grid Report.

As 2023 begins, the emergence of in-person events on the small and large scale is even more pronounced; movie industry award shows, music festivals and industry conferences are all scheduled to return. Over 122 brands alone are expected at Sundance this month. The opportunity for brands to use this re-emergence to scale their engagement and build deeper, more personalized relationships with consumers will require a solution that can track interactions and demonstrate the ROI of experiential marketing efforts.

"After over two years of hesitancy to venture out, globally people are returning to/yearning for in-real life events but with the expectation that the experience be special, tailored to their likes and desires," said Jonathan Yaffe, Co-Founder and CEO of AnyRoad. "While our North American brand customers grow and continue to count on AnyRoad to scale and engage with consumers on their behalf, we were pleasantly surprised by the demand and new brands signed in Europe, an effort we will continue to invest in. These milestones along with industry accolades resulted in a banner 2022 for AnyRoad."

From some of the largest brands in the tourism, alcohol and beverage industries already on the books, AnyRoad Tour and Tastings solution continued to see success in signing Preservation Distillery out of Kentucky and Heaven's Door Whiskey of Bob Dylan fame. Some of the new customers signed in 2022 will take advantage of the full breadth of the AnyRoad platform (including tours, ticketing, events, and activations). Of those added include Westfield in North America.

European expansion in 2022 was a focus for the business, which included the addition of headcount to assist in marketing and sales as well as customer success. Currently, 12% of AnyRoad's overall customer base is in EMEA, including Diageo, Absolut, and Campari. The team is continuing to double down on hiring in 2023 and grow offices in Greece where their main customer success hub is based.

Throughout 2022 AnyRoad rolled out innovation that allows brands to more easily and quickly connect with consumers while also measuring success:

  • FullView is a first-of-its-kind solution that enables brands to collect GDPR-compliant, first-party data and feedback from every guest that attends an experiential activation or event, not just the primary booker. FullView is the only solution in the market that enables them to do this.
  • Open QR Code allows brands to connect guests to transactions beyond the booking of their experience by allowing 3rd-party solutions to scan the AnyRoad ticket QR code, extract guest info, and associate guests with additional transactions. With this feature, brands can more effectively understand the guest's journey and attribute additional revenue to experiences.
  • ROI Analysis enables brands to quantify the revenue impact of experiences post-visit with powerful analytics and actionable insights around post-event purchase behavior.

About AnyRoad

AnyRoad is the leading experiential marketing platform that enables global brands to operate and optimize their events, tours, classes, and activations to grow brand loyalty and increase experience ROI. It allows companies to streamline and scale their experiential programs with a flexible, configurable platform and provides the powerful insights needed to accelerate business growth. Unlike event management software, point solutions, or IT-developed tools, AnyRoad's unified platform manages the entire guest journey, from first brand interaction to brand loyalist. Companies like Budweiser, Diageo, Michaels, Ben & Jerry's, and The North Face all count on AnyRoad to prove the impact of their experiential marketing. For more information, visit www.anyroad.com

Step 1: Evaluate Your Scheduling Software Needs

Before researching online booking systems, evaluating your business needs is essential. After all, you don’t want to overspend on bells and whistles when you only need an online form. For newer events looking to scale, a more sophisticated system might be the goal but not the starting point.

Consider the type and size of your business, the nature of your services, and the volume of transactions you handle. For instance, if you run tours and tastings, you should look at solutions meant for high-volume enterprises that can include add-on shirts, beer steins, and more.

Scheduling Software Flowchart

We made a helpful flowchart to help you decide if you’re ready to invest fully in online bookings or look into a free scheduling app, like Google Forms, as a better starting point.

As someone trying to make smart investment decisions, you don’t want to buy a booking and ticketing solution that doesn’t meet your needs. Use our guided questions to determine where you are in your investment journey.

Booking System flowchart
Use the flow to gauge where you are on your journey!

2. Compare Booking Page Features and Pricing

Booking Page Features

Once you have a clear idea of your business needs, you can compare online booking systems that meet your criteria. Have a list of your most essential needs and what would be nice for you to have. Some features you should consider including on your list include:

  • Website integration
  • Branded booking page
  • Configurability to match your brand
  • Payment processing and add-on sales
  • Automated reminders
  • Automatic data analysis
  • Feedback collection and analysis

Rank these on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least important and ten being the most important. That way, if you need to sacrifice a feature for a must-have, you’ll know exactly what you can do away with and what you can’t do without.

Scheduling Software Pricing

Besides shopping around for the right features, factor pricing into your decision. You want to use the scheduling software that gives you the best return on investment. So don't choose to sign up for the most expensive or cheapest option right off the bat — many times, you will need to look into more than just pricing on the surface.