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July 6, 2023

AnyRoad Continues Its Growth Journey Through Brand Refresh, New Platform Features, and Ongoing Wins including New G2 Recognitions

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[San Francisco – Jul. 6, 2023] AnyRoad, the leading platform for data-driven experiential marketing, on the heels of another successful quarter has marked the next chapter in its evolution with a new brand identity, complete with a new website and more. The new look and feel of AnyRoad embraces the re-dedication to innovation in the events and experiences fields. 

“We at AnyRoad will empower and embolden our users, from marketers to operators, with the data and insights they need to deliver on their goals – like increased revenue, improved brand conversion, and automated first-party data collection,” said Jonathan Yaffe, CEO and co-founder of AnyRoad. “Brands need experiences to become part of their customers’ lives. Since our founding, we have understood that experiential marketing isn’t just important — it’s transformative. And we’re here to help through the journey of life-long fans. When we thought about our new look, we wanted to convey the forward movement and bright future of the experience economy. “ 

In addition to taking on a new look and feel, AnyRoad’s experiential marketing platform, used by brands including Diageo, PRS Guitars, and Ben & Jerry’s to streamline event operations and glean insights on experiential marketing, have also added new features to the platform, including ID Scanning & Verification and an Affiliates Portal. 

ID Scanning and Verification

AnyRoad ID Scanning & Verification eliminates the manual and inconsistent ID-checking process while reducing the risk of allowing under-age guests into age-restricted experiences. Brands will now be able to use AnyRoad’s existing ticket scanning tool to scan US license barcodes or passport MRZ to verify authenticity, as well as identify underage and expired licenses. After each scan, AnyRoad records anonymized age, gender and location data to help brands better understand their consumers, automatically.

Many brands work with affiliates to increase bookings and tap into the guest network of their partners, such as online travel agencies, local hotels or tour operators. However, managing affiliate bookings, tickets and payouts is manual, cumbersome, and prone to error. AnyRoad’s Affiliate Portal allows affiliates to browse and book experiences on behalf of guests. AnyRoad customers are able to configure every aspect of the process, resulting in easier bookings, streamlined management of booking options, tickets and prices, and the power to easily monitor affiliate booking trends for future events. 

Streamlined booking options

“At AnyRoad, we are dedicated to continuing to innovate and arm our customers with the latest technologies and solutions needed to deliver world-class experiences, including data, insights and now new tools to help them expand their reach,” said Daniel Yaffe, COO and co-founder of AnyRoad. “Our platform will continue to redefine how brands operate and realize ROI from their experiences, and we’re proud to enable that for all of our customers.”

Doubling down on their vision for the company, AnyRoad also welcomed experiential marketing leaders to participate in the inaugural Executive Summit: Revenue and Loyalty Through Unforgettable Brand Experiences in Edinburgh, Scotland. The two-day event, hosted at Johnnie Walker Princes Street, allowed brands from around the world to gather and discuss experiential marketing trends, best practices and more. 

To a successful Summit!

Finally, AnyRoad was named a High Performer for the third consecutive quarter in G2’s Summer 2023 Grid Report in six categories. 

AnyRoad was also recognized in several Implementation Index, Relationship Index and Usability Index reports, receiving awards for Easiest Setup, Best Support, Easiest to Use, Best Meets Requirements, Easiest Admin and Easiest to Do Business With. 

Check out the reviews!

With nearly 2 million verified reviews and 80 million annual visitors, G2 is the world’s largest and most trusted software marketplace. Within each vendor category, products are ranked based on a number of different criteria that fall within two main areas; customer satisfaction and market presence. 

About AnyRoad

AnyRoad is the leading experiential marketing platform that enables global brands to operate and optimize their events, tours, classes, and activations to grow brand loyalty and increase experience ROI. It allows companies to streamline and scale their experiential programs with a flexible, configurable platform and provides the powerful insights needed to accelerate business growth. Unlike event management software, point solutions, or IT-developed tools, AnyRoad's unified platform manages the entire guest journey, from first brand interaction to brand loyalist. Companies like Budweiser, Diageo, Michaels, Ben & Jerry's, and The North Face all count on AnyRoad to prove the impact of their experiential marketing. For more information, visit www.anyroad.com

Step 1: Evaluate Your Scheduling Software Needs

Before researching online booking systems, evaluating your business needs is essential. After all, you don’t want to overspend on bells and whistles when you only need an online form. For newer events looking to scale, a more sophisticated system might be the goal but not the starting point.

Consider the type and size of your business, the nature of your services, and the volume of transactions you handle. For instance, if you run tours and tastings, you should look at solutions meant for high-volume enterprises that can include add-on shirts, beer steins, and more.

Scheduling Software Flowchart

We made a helpful flowchart to help you decide if you’re ready to invest fully in online bookings or look into a free scheduling app, like Google Forms, as a better starting point.

As someone trying to make smart investment decisions, you don’t want to buy a booking and ticketing solution that doesn’t meet your needs. Use our guided questions to determine where you are in your investment journey.

Booking System flowchart
Use the flow to gauge where you are on your journey!

2. Compare Booking Page Features and Pricing

Booking Page Features

Once you have a clear idea of your business needs, you can compare online booking systems that meet your criteria. Have a list of your most essential needs and what would be nice for you to have. Some features you should consider including on your list include:

  • Website integration
  • Branded booking page
  • Configurability to match your brand
  • Payment processing and add-on sales
  • Automated reminders
  • Automatic data analysis
  • Feedback collection and analysis

Rank these on a scale of one to ten, with one being the least important and ten being the most important. That way, if you need to sacrifice a feature for a must-have, you’ll know exactly what you can do away with and what you can’t do without.

Scheduling Software Pricing

Besides shopping around for the right features, factor pricing into your decision. You want to use the scheduling software that gives you the best return on investment. So don't choose to sign up for the most expensive or cheapest option right off the bat — many times, you will need to look into more than just pricing on the surface.