The Cambomble Ceremony
Tour of Rio
Spiritual traditions of Afro-Brazilian heritage
Excludes 5.5% Booking Fee
  • Rio de Janeiro, República Federativa do Brasil
  • Carlos D
  • 6 Hours

Experience a unique religious ceremony in the North Zone and rural areas of Rio rarely visited by tourists!

Candomblé is an Afro-Brazilian religion, developed between 1549 and 1888 by African priests who arrived during the height of Brazil’s slave trade. Ceremonies typically take place on weekends, though some houses are open for visitation during off-days to offer a glimpse of the culture and history still present in these traditional homes.

During the ceremony you will witness the mediuic priests invoke Orixás, falling into a trance-like state. The priests perform dances symbolic of the Orixá's attributes, while others lead songs that celebrate the spirit's deeds. Candomblé music, an essential part of the ritual, derives from African music and has had a strong influence in other popular Brazilian music styles.

The ceremony ends with a banquet that includes typical African and Brazilian food.

This tour will shed light on a lesser-known religion rooted in Brazil’s diverse populations and give you a unique opportunity to engage with people who have followed the rich history of this oral tradition.

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