The State of Virtual Events 2021

The State of Virtual Events 2021

Making the Most of Store Visits Post-Pandemic

Tactical insights from 200+ online experiences

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed the ways businesses manage marketing events. Virtually overnight, companies had to adapt in-person experiences for digital audiences and platforms. With this rapid turn came logistical challenges of hosting experiences, as well as the need to replicate the sensory and interactive aspects for fully-dispersed audiences. The challenges were unprecedented, but event marketers worldwide immediately began investigating ways to bring fresh, engaging experiences to a remote business world.

For AnyRoad, our goal is to partner with event and experience marketers to quantify and optimize the effectiveness of brand experiences. This gives us a unique perspective into the learnings marketing professionals have gained since the onset of COVID-19.

In our latest ebook, The Virtual Events and Online Experiences Playbook, we analyzed data from more than 200 online experiences to uncover key insights for building a fully-digital event marketing strategy.

Download our playbook to learn:

  • The state of event marketing today
  • How to build an event marketing strategy specific to your business
  • Ways the Scientific Method can guide your event strategy
  • Proven event “plays” that can drive engagement today
  • How to scale your marketing events program

But no matter how brands fared during COVID, one thing is now certain: retailers can no longer rely on opening new locations as a way to drive store traffic and sales.

In this ebook, Ryan Whitney, Chief Sales Officer @ AnyRoad, explores how retailers can still exploit their brick-and-mortar advantage (albeit in a more efficient manner) with strategies such as experiential retail concepts (i.e. DICKS House of Sport) and premium services (i.e. virtual style consultations in advance of a store visit or personalized in-store appointments).

Download our ebook to learn:

  • 2020 expectations and the road ahead
  • How are retailers supposed to respond?
  • The importance of understanding the metrics
  • Predictions pointing to a bright future
  • What are business leaders saying?

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