Schedule, manage, and optimize retail services and events

Whether your brand runs 2 or 2,000 locations, AnyRoad’s enterprise-grade platform enables you to capture, analyze, and act on customer signals to better design events and services that attract customers to your store and drive deeper brand loyalty.


people hours saved
per month


increase in post-
event spend


new customer
database growth

Platform Features

End-to-End Event and Service Excellence

The AnyRoad Difference

Store events and services are the
#1 drivers for customer acquisition

Enable service and event discovery

Help your customers browse, find, and book an event or service near them, with an embedded web plug-in.

Provide a best-in-class customer experience

Deliver on your brand promise every time, by ensuring in-store associates and partner vendors provide impactful experiences.

Personalize the customer journey

Offer customized touchpoints across the customer journey by pinpointing specific products and services based on behavioral data.

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