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Horse Country

Horse Country Attractions Grew Sales by 40% In One Easy Step

Horse Country


Horse Country’s Goal: Build a new generation of horse fans

40% yearly increase in ticket sales

Horse Country used the foundation built with AnyRoad to act on insights and boost sales.

20% increase in tours and attractions

Through guest feedback and AnyRoad analytics, Horse Country honed their strategy and increased experiences.

70+ unique experiences

Horse Country has 70+ unique experiences live at any time on their site through the AnyRoad platform.

Horse Country Adopts Automation


When you think of Kentucky, wide pastures and sunrises across green fields come to mind. Bluegrass sings in the wind, and wild horses run with abandon. 

And that’s no accident; Horse Country’s invested in keeping that Kentucky vision alive. After all, it taps into that $5 billion annual Kentucky Derby revenue. Horse Country’s experiences are all around horses — guests can get an education in feeding, training, rasing, and racing thoroughbreds with a network of partners.

However, Horse Country’s goals are to take care of the horses first: and experiences second. Their resources focus on giving their animals the best possible care first. Their workforce had to go into caretaking, not the experiential side of the business.

With limited resources, they needed to figure out how to automate their attractions and let the software do the heavy lifting.

Automate. Learn. Create.

Automate. Learn. Create.

Upon working with AnyRoad, Horse Country had three goals in mind:

  • Automate their attractions so that Horse Country staff could spend more time taking care of their horses.
  • Learn what their visitors wanted with live feedback.
  • Create experiences to win over the next generation of horse lovers.

The Solution

Horse Country began a rocky journey to AnyRoad, trying out other experience analytics platforms that made more work for their team, not less. When they adopted AnyRoad, they pushed it through all 32 member locations for a complete picture of what their experiences were achieving.

Using the data collected via the platform, Horse Country discovered that guests wanted even more experiences with them. Through guest feedback and AnyRoad analytics, they honed their strategy and increased the number of experiences by 20%.

Today, Horse Country has 70+ unique experiences live at any time on their site through the AnyRoad platform. The team enables online booking directly on their website and segments their experience library to serve guests’ better interests.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas

Working with the AnyRoad team, Horse Country outlined a list of focus areas:

  • Live Guest Feedback — Create new experiences using data collected via AnyRoad’s platform.
  • All-Encompassing Analytics — More visibility into experience performance across all 32 locations.
  • Full Experience Library — Segment Horse Country’s vast experience options to better serve guests’ interests and make booking simple.


Horse Country was able to adjust to the needs and demands of their visitors, all while maintaining an industry-leading NPS rating. Using AnyRoad, they could make quick decisions with minimal resources to streamline all their many experiences and understand who attends the attractions.

By sharing their love of horses and Kentucky horse culture, Horse Country could use the foundation they built with AnyRoad to act on insights and increase ticket sales by 40% yearly.

“Our successful relationship with AnyRoad is thanks to the company’s ability to deliver the data and insights we need to build better experiences, maintain a single source of truth for our partner network, and align with our commitment to giving visitors a positive experience with Kentucky’s equine heritage.”

Anne Hardy, Executive Director | Horse Country

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