AnyRoad aggregated data between 2019-2021 from more than 200 customers like Diageo, Anheuser-Busch, Sierra Nevada, Founders Brewing, and members of the Kentucky Distillers Association to identify key trends and help brand homes make the most out of the 2022 recovery.

The research found that there is a significant opportunity to target first-time consumers, as close to a quarter of brand home visitors have never consumed the brand’s products before.

Additional key takeaways for brands looking to maximize the impact of their brand home experiences include: 

  • In-person experiences are back in a big way. In-person now makes up 98% of brand home experiences. Attendance rates are dropping dramatically for online experiences. Just 33% of registrants are showing up to the experiences they booked.
  • Experiences and guests are becoming more sophisticated. Customer expectations are increasing and brands are investing heavily in new visitor experiences in the US and overseas. Brand homes that offer personalized experiences and ‘add-ons’ see 10% higher NPS.
  • Staffing is both a challenge and an opportunity. With peak booking season approaching in May and June, Brand Homes must act quickly to get their staffing and customer experience in place. Those that don’t create reputational risk.

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