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Anyroad's Experience Relationship Management (ERM) software
has powered over 250,000 experiences.

The 6-point plan to ERM success

When you can access all relevant data and activity from a single location, it's easy for teams to build engaging experiences and for the first time, measure the impact. With an ERM, you have everything you need for better experiences and lasting relationships, all in one place.

Start selling fast
  • Branded Website Page
  • Ticketing
  • Reservations

Building meaningful relationships with customers is a long and complex process, but the tools to manage that process shouldn't be. Start with a ticketing system that takes mere minutes to setup, which means less training and a quicker path to revenue.

Step 01
Step 02
Deliver a Customer
  • Online & mobile app checkout process
  • Invoices and recurring payments
  • Refunds and promo codes
  • Conversion data

Provide a seamless checkout flow on mobile and web to increase online conversions, collect better data, sell add-ons and get paid.

Stay on Brand
  • Automated messaging (sms/email)
  • NPS Survey
  • Real-time Scheduling, Calendar & Availability

With the booking and reservation system, turn every guest interaction into a personal relationship to send personalized email and sms messages, receive feedback and collect accurate data.

Step 03
The Experience
  • Customer & Channel Segmentation
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Reviews on TripAdvisor & Yelp

Experience Marketing is inherently social, so give customers something to talk about with personalized messaging, then measure which channels serve you best.

Know the value
of your customer
  • Cost per customer, booking & tour/class
  • Purchase Behavior
  • Firmagraphic purchase data

The experience dashboard is like a real-time newspaper that is easy to understand, providing both quick insights and advanced marketing reports specific to you and your customer.

Step 05
Step 06
Engagement is gold
  • Return on Engagement (ROE)
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Experience Attribution
  • Company & Industry Benchmarks

For the first time, you can measure the ROI, ROE and Brand Loyalty for your experience marketing. Our predictive tools and benchmarking uncover actionable insights across your data, feeding back into the experience flow.

Power your experiences through an Experience Relationship Management (ERM) software that has already powered over 250,000 experiences.

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