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Using insights to grow revenue per visit by 36%

Absolut Home


Using insights to grow revenue per visit by 36%

Absolut Home


Absolut Rent Brännvin or “Absolutely Pure Vodka” was originally produced in southern Sweden in 1879. Now known simply as Absolut Vodka, the company was founded by Lars Olsson Smith, who famously offered free boat rides for guests to visit his distillery. Today, Absolut has grown to be one of the largest brands of spirits in the world and is sold in 126 countries. Over the years a few things haven’t changed — all of the brand’s production still takes place in and around the village of Åhus Sweden and Absolut remains committed to offering visitors a superior experience.

As a brand rich in history and with a loyal following, the marketing team at Absolut embarked on an ambitious project to develop a brand home in Åhus with the support of BRC Imagination Arts and AnyRoad.


The Absolut Home is located in the heart of the Åhus, Sweden. Formerly a large residence, the location was originally intended to house a small brand home which told the story of Lars Olsson Smith and Absolut Vodka. However, plans changed after the Absolut team started their planning process and visited similar exhibits for brands in the Pernod Ricard Group — a portfolio company boasting Jameson Irish Whiskey, Glenlivet Scotch, and other well-known spirits brands – that acquired Absolut in 2008. Using these brand experiences as inspiration, the Absolut team partnered with BRC Imagination Arts to design a world-class experience center offering guest tours and a restaurant and bar.

The Absolut Home represented a significant investment not only to build a destination for Absolut customers to engage with the brand and its history, but also because the facility was intended to be a self-sufficient revenue stream. Accomplishing this meant crafting a world-class visitor experience supported by both a ticketing system to manage reservations and payments, as well as tools to collect and analyze feedback from visitors and understand visitor demographics.

The solution

To meet the technical needs of their new experience, the Absolut team looked to AnyRoad’s track record of customer experience excellence. First, the team adopted AnyRoad Experience Manager to manage reservations and ticketing at the Absolut Home. Once the ticketing and booking experiences were handled, the team expanded its AnyRoad products to include AnyRoad Atlas and AnyRoad Experience Surveys to better understand guest demographics and overall visitor experiences.

Not only did the AnyRoad products deliver on Absolut’s technical needs, they surpassed expectations. Most notably, AnyRoad delivered the 24/7 customer support that was a must-have for Absolut in terms of improving guest experience, as well as supporting staff.

“AnyRoad’s 24/7 customer support is excellent. The support team provides quick answers and are patient and friendly.”

Lisa Fleron, Operations Manager, Absolut Home


Using AnyRoad, the Absolut team now has a holistic view for measuring their experiential marketing success. The team can now look at a combination of guest bookings, revenue and visitor satisfaction. This data informs the development of new experiences geared to maximize average revenue per visitor. For example, the team recently discovered that catering to smaller guest groups (which generate more revenue per guest), as opposed to focusing on large guest groups, has a correlation with higher guest satisfaction.

This data-driven approach has paid off for the Absolut Home team. Since 2018 they have:

  • Increased average revenue per guest by 36%
  • Achieved a best practice visitor NPS of 75
  • Consistently created new brand champions (brand conversion score of 85%)
  • Received recognition from TripAdvisor as the #1 thing to do in Åhus

Working with AnyRoad, the team will soon be offering virtual experiences and tastings using the AnyRoad AtHome platform. Stay tuned!

“We had a dream to create a brand home for Absolut for years. The original concept was to create a small visitor center but after looking extensively at other brand homes across the Pernod Ricard group we decided to build a multi-use brand home like you see today”

Kenneth Hoffström, Site Manager, Absolut Home

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