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Wineries: The Brand Experience That Keeps Getting Better With Age 

There’s been steady growth in brewery and distillery experiences over the last decade. Given the expanding category of local, craft and small-batch brands, that’s not surprising.

To stand out in this crowded industry, brands are using any means necessary to get their products in consumers’ hands and create memorable experiences. One of the easiest ways to do this is through field marketing tactics such as retailer tastings, events, and festivals. Many brands have also embraced the immersive world of tours, classes, tastings and food pairings at their facility.

Of course, that’s not exactly a novel idea. Wineries have been creating on-site experiences for decades. It’s only natural that people are attracted to these sprawling estates, which are often in coveted locations where the climate is ideal for making wine. Beyond touring the beautiful estate and showcasing the history of the vineyard, wineries can offer a variety of experiences including tours, tastings, educational classes and much more. 

According to, in 2020, the global wine market generated $350.8 billion in revenue. It’s expected this number will increase to $450.7 billion by 2025.

As the wine industry continues to grow around the world, those brands that create memorable experiences will be best positioned to stand out from their competitors. While there are countless wineries across the globe, let’s look at a couple of wineries in Greece that are leveraging the power of on-site experiences to grow their brand and outpace the competition.  

T-Oinos Winery in Tinos, Greece does an incredible job creating a multisensory experience that allows their guests to discover what makes their varietals special. “At T-OINOS, we offer intimate guided tastings that are enhanced by the striking terroir and our unforgettable, immersive experiences,” says Panayiota Kalogeropoulou, the winery Services Coordinator. “By organizing the best privately hosted vineyard tours and wine tastings, powered by the AnyRoad platform, we’re pursuing our quest for innovation while honoring our commitment to providing the best possible experience to our clientele.”

Located in Santorini, Sigalas Winery is focused on data-driven insights to take their experiences to the next level. Powered by the AnyRoad platform, Sigalas is able to gather valuable guest data, which helps the winery continue to evolve and optimize their experiences. Below are examples of real metrics gathered from 4,000 recent guest experiences:

  • 53% of bookings were made by females 
  • 70% of guests were less than 40 years old (with 35% of them between 21 and 30)
  • 98% of visitors were travelers who lived more than 400 miles away
  • The average booking size was 2.4 guests 
  • 49% of their bookings took place within one week of the experience date
  • NPS grew from 40 (pre-visit) to 88 (post-visit)

To harness the growing momentum in the industry and operate, scale, and measure the performance of their experiences, wineries and other brand homes are recognizing the value of an experiential marketing platform like AnyRoad. Bringing data into their proprietary blend of experiences will allow these wineries and other brands to continue to outpace the competition for years to come. Cheers to that! 

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