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What’s Your Story? VisualFizz Wants to Know!


The new marketing strategy prioritized actually getting to know their potential consumers—otherwise known as “the people around us.” According to the VisualFizz leaders, they realized that sitting around in the office all day wasn’t letting them get to know people. If they don’t know them, how are they going to market to them?

They also made the campaign social by starting the hashtag #shareyourstory. The instructions were easy. First, simply think of something to share. It can be anything, although embarrassing moments have proven popular. It’s a way to tell the world something unique about yourself, to empathize and connect. Step two? Share it! VisualFizz did a fantastic job kicking that hashtag into gear, with several people tagging the company on Instagram. “Sharers” can also email VisualFizz directly at [email protected] with a story craft visually.

Step three is what really matters: Spread the word. The campaign is highly shareable, and really something most people do daily on social media anyway.

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About the Company

The experiential marketing company is all about creating experiences—but it wasn’t always that way. VisualFizz is comprised of many traditional marketers who came to the epiphany that without real connections, there can’t be business growth. They also call their approach on the ground marketing, aiming to create fantastic experience with guerilla tactics. Their risks are calculated and they’ve picked up an impressive portfolio of clients.

They’ve created experiences for Chicago newspapers, e-luxury children’s clothing boutiques, and luxury home markets. However, it’s the #shareyourstory campaign that’s really picking up steam.

Some of the shares are incredibly personal, and VisualFizz is offering an avenue for these sharers to engage with others they may have never reached before. On Twitter, a few include, “I suffer from suicidal thoughts,” “I will not be silent. Not again,” and “I feel like I’m being regenerated from the inside out.”

Starting a hashtag is an online method for reaching customers, but VisualFizz setting the example and heading to the streets to kickstart the movement is where the experience comes into play. How would you react if a stranger approached and asked you to share a story? For many, there’s the initial distrust and fear factor. However, VisualFizz found that it didn’t take much to get people talking.

There’s a major disparity when it comes to active listeners. Active listening doesn’t come naturally, and it takes a lifetime of practice. Most people are simply waiting for their turn to talk. Whether we consciously realize this or not, it makes us not want to share. Humans want to be accommodating, and don’t want to “burden” others with our stories.

Social media gave people an online, digital platform to share their stories—and share they did. However, it still can’t compete with getting asked for your story in person. Plus, being able to share with strangers can offer comfort in anonymity. It can be easier for us to share our stories and be vulnerable sometimes with strangers compared to our loved ones.

VisualFizz is helping to bridge the gap between storytelling in the digital and real world. From an experiential marketing campaign perspective, it’s an organic fit. We’re already primed and ready to share. All we need is a little push.

Storytelling has proven to be an innate part of the human bonding experience in most cultures. However, we’ve lost that in modern America. What better way to reconnect with that innate drive to tell than by sprinkling in a little of what’s comfortable to us by way of hashtags?

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