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5 Strategies For Ramping Up Reopening

Brands who were serving up experiences over the summer saw the windfall that we were all hoping for. Now more than ever, people are shifting the share of their wallets from things to experiences — it’s up to brands to cater to guests and provide participatory opportunities that exceed expectations and build brand loyalty.

As we start to plan for 2022, it’s essential to consider what we learned from reopening in 2021 and take advantage of the vibrant experiential landscape. Here are 5 strategies to help you ramp up reopening your brand home:

Increase experiential offerings

Many AnyRoad partners had a slow and steady approach to reopening, which led to higher utilization and greater guest demand. Now is the time to add to the number of experiences offered. Given the demand, it may be time to start ramping up the number of experiences offered. 

Add variety to your experience list

When guests have more choices for experiences to attend, we see higher NPS® because they feel they can select the experience that matches their interests best. Evaluate your demographic data and see where you are over-indexing or under-indexing with particular segments. Extrapolate from there how your next experience offering can better cater to your brand fans and brand newcomers alike.

Reevaluate your goals

For many during their reopening, the focus was on keeping staff and guests safe. While safety is always a consideration, we are seeing many brands shifting their focus to increasing revenue. Consult with AnyRoad’s Account Management team on tips and tricks.

Continue to leverage the Resources feature

A common theme among our partners is how hard it has been to hire! This has led to new hiring and training practices. To get constructive feedback and improve your guest experience, assign a Resource to the specific experience and get direct customer input about that new hire. Perhaps that new employee is crushing it and should be praised!

Check out our top 9 Tips to Boost Staffing Your Brand Home.

Glean insights from 2021 to carry into 2022

Leverage first-party experiential data to evaluate what happened in 2021. There may be opportunities to optimize your experiences, overhead, and marketing strategies.

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