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Phy Platform Goes Wild and Partners with Nashville Zoo

Nashville Zoo Technology Investment

Marketing copywriter at Phy Platform Edwin Acevedo recently sat down with AnyRoad and talked about the company’s pilot partnership with the Nashville Zoo.

Phy offers a physical-to-mobile content platform where any space can be a hub for inbound customer engagement. With the Nashville Zoo, Phy designed a universal app that works with proximity technologies. The partnership has been featured in the Nashville Business Journal and on the Zoo’s blog.

Acevedo says, “We’re in the middle of a rebrand, so our name is changing.” Enter the “Muse Experience” at the zoo where visitors get instant access to the “internet of animals.” The zoo is the first to pilot the technology that enhances the visitor experience at a number of the animal exhibits. Seasoned with interactive fun facts and videos, all visitors can enter the Muse Experience through their mobile device with a free browser available from Nashville-based Phy.

The technology uses dynamic QR codes along with Bluetooth beacons at key exhibits. Tapping into it gives visitors secret information. It’s along the same lines as the technology that syncs your smart phone to your thermostat so you can control it from anywhere. However, Muse Experience is all about fun animal facts that make a trip to the zoo even wilder.


How it Was Born

QR codes and beacons are already universal touchpoints, so they can be accessed via browsers and social media apps—even your phone on certain platforms. Additional tools that work are Samsung Internet, Twitter, Google Chrome, Snapchat and Pinterest. Jim Bartoo, Marketing and Public Relations Director at the Nashville Zoo, says, “The Zoo is always looking for creative ways to introduce our guests to new discoveries. Muse Experience opens opportunities for us to offer hidden sights and sounds of Nashville Zoo right in the palms of our guests’ hands.”

The same technology Muse Experience uses can work at any attraction, site or museum that utilizes the platform by way of physical TouchPoints which include Near-Field Communication tags, Physical Web beacons and QR codes. Muse Experience only shows touchpoints that are close, so it becomes a veritable zoo app—but only within the zoo setting.

Highly adaptable, it’s like having a custom app without the time, energy and cost required to normally create one. Visitors have total control over how quickly they enjoy the experience, and can choose whether to engage with nearby touchpoints or not. There are no annoying buzzes, notifications or other distractions to take visitors out of the zoo experience. 

Got a Wild Hair?

If you plan on visiting the Nashville Zoo soon, check out the Muse Experience. Currently, there are markers at a variety of locations starting with the Zawadi Market gift shop and moving onto Gibbons Island. Check out the Zoofari Café, Unseen New World Aviary, Red-Ruffed Lemur exhibit and Meerkat exhibit. There’s the Spider Monkey: Treetop Passage and Red Panda exhibit as well as the White Rhino Exhibit, Historic Grassmere Home and Farm, and Clouded Leopard exhibit.

You’ll be treated to a variety of activities such as supporting animal habitat conservation and keeping track of two-toed sloth Emmett. Take animal quizzes, easily share on social media, and choose to play animal sounds on a loudspeaker. Only Muse Experience allows for a full zoo experience, all designed specifically to the needs and wants of visitors. PHY CEO Richard Graves says, “We’re delighted to partner with the Nashville Zoo. Muse Experience is a perfect way to enhance the animal environments and let visitors engage with the exhibits.”

This is exactly the long-term, ongoing type of experiential marketing campaign that draws a crowd and engages them with esisting businesses. What does your company do to stay innovative?

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