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iHeartRaves Hooks Up with Luxor for an Incredible Pop-Up EDM Experience

Luxor and iHeartRave pop up EDM activation


iHeartRaves is the world leader in festival fashion with a mission to inspire individual creativity and empower self-expression. Along with iHeartRave, the company’s two other brands—Emazing Lights and INTO THE AM—partnered together to bring festival wear and the culture of festivals to a brand new audience.

Combined, their Shopify stores are grossing $20 million annually. They’ve been featured in the Inc. 500 four years in a row. In June 2017, Chopp and his team utilized experiential marketing for the first time by holding a massive event. As an ecommerce brand, it used to be very difficult for the team to vend physical products at music festivals or other physical locations. They set up booths and showcased their goods, but it more for marketing and brand awareness rather than turning a profit.

“During the three-day event, they had “tons of activities planned” including an EDM Trivia Launch Party, music, light shows…”

Chopp and his crew overcame this by pivoting to LUX Rave, which is a 10,000 square foot pop up store opened at the Luxor Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. One of the biggest electronic music festivals, Electric Daisy Carnival, is hosted in Las Vegas every year and brings in hundreds of thousands of attendees. By partnering with Luxor, they created a destination for customers so they could shop before the festival. They were selling over $25,000 of products per hour at this pop up store. During the three-day event, they had “tons of activities planned” including an EDM Trivia Launch Party, music, light shows, an EDC Week Nightclub Pre-game, a Kandi Party, and a meet and greet session.

Check out the Video Recap of the Lux Rave store. There’s also a page on our website dedicated to the store, which can be found here. I’ve also included some links to pictures of the event. For iHeartRaves, experiential marketing is what heralded them from just another store that set up a booth at a music festival to a truly immersive experience. Key to their success was fantastic partnerships and creating memorable experiences that complemented the festival vibe.

iHeartRaves is already in an industry where their target demographics are ready to party. That’s a fantastic attitude to have—but it doesn’t always go hand in hand to shopping at the old-school booths often set up at festivals. Attendees come to festivals for the experience, so why not extend that experience in between and during sets? That’s exactly what iHeartRaves did, and now they’re gearing up for more experiential campaigns based on the success of the Las Vegas event.

Many times, festivals offer vendor booths (sometimes at a steep price), and it’s not always the best return on investment. If it’s in your budget, stick to it—but see about inputting some experiential marketing into your next set-up. Even better, seek out local partnerships to collaborate on a pop-up event just like iHeartRaves did. It’s a mutually beneficial relationship for both parties, so it’s a relatively easy sell (especially for a marketer).

Doesn’t this make you want to head to the next music festival in your city, decked out in the ultimate festival wear?


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