After staying home for over a year, the world is clamoring for human connection and in-person experiences. But in this new age of retail, experiences will look different: what role will physical stores have in this evolving landscape?

In this conversation, Greg and Daniel discuss how luxury retailers like Diageo are embracing the experiential renaissance – for example, Diageo’s Johnnie Walker Princes Street, a new multi-million-pound attraction that allows visitors to be immersed in Scotch whisky. They also dive into the role experiences play in building lifelong connections with consumers.

We’ll cover:

  1. How luxury brands are creating experiences – like Johnnie Walker Princess Street – in the new era of retail.
  2. What role does physical retail (and physical experiences) play in an increasingly virtual world.
  3. How experiences help brands collect consumer insights that help build and foster long-lasting customer relationships.

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