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The Experience Economy: Adapt or Die

Thanks for tuning in for Polaris, a webinar series of interviews with senior business executives, founders, and creatives. You’ll hear from leading executives and uncover best practices on how to build impactful, lasting relationships with consumers.

In this episode, Max Lenderman, Experience Economy Pioneer, and Daniel Yaffe, COO & Co-founder at AnyRoad, talk about everything Experiential Marketing. Where it’s been, its current state, where it’s going, and most importantly–how do you get there?

Max Lenderman is the leading voice at the vanguard of two massive trends in branding and innovation: Brand Experience and Brand Purpose.

As founder and chief creative officer, he is a pioneering authority on purpose-led brand building, and has led campaigns for American Express Small Business Saturday, Dominos Oh Yes We Did, VW Safe Happens, and Baby Carrots Eat ‘Em Like Junk Food. He is also a columnist for Adweek, teaches at the University of Colorado, and consults various start-ups in tech, cannabis, and good food.

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