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Engineering Careers at AnyRoad

Greetings fellow engineers

For those considering joining the engineering team at AnyRoad, we thought we’d share a brief overview of our team and culture. 

We’re a small but nimble group of engineers who are mostly Full Stack, though many of us gravitate toward either frontend or backend. We are now at a stage in our growth where we are looking to bring on experienced backend engineers to help build out and scale our core application backend. We celebrate our various idiosyncrasies, experiences, and viewpoints, and are bound together by the shared values of collaboration, inclusion, and love of what we do. We value those who bring their unique expertise and perspectives but whose natural inclination is to be selfless and roll up their sleeves and dive in wherever needed.  

We iterate, test, and ship quickly. Our processes are probably familiar to you: automated testing, continuous deployment and code reviews — but just enough to not feel bogged down by too much process. We don’t believe in siloing knowledge – everyone is encouraged to collaborate and take responsibility over all parts of the system. You will also have the latitude to deepen your expertise in parts of the stack that interest you, whether it be backend, devops, front-end, tooling, etc. 

We encourage you to spearhead processes or tools that interest you and to bring your creativity in solving the problems we face. You’ll be helping us scale to meet the exponential demand of our product while still spending a portion of your time improving our infrastructure and building new features. 

We are constantly working on our culture and engineering practices. You’ll play a big role in that planning process as the team grows to 20 and 30+ engineers over the next few years.

Projects you might work on

  • Scaling — AnyRoad has a diverse set of performance and scaling challenges including deriving insights from large data sets, supporting complex scheduling rules that can be applied infinitely in the future, addressing bottlenecks in legacy code, and designing new system architectures to support our rapid usage growth.
  • AnyRoad Atlas — Our #1 value prop. Allows partners to visualize and understand their data. You will be working to help scale and build out our data warehouse on the backend. You will also be helping us build new data pipelines to ingest and collate data that is then available via APIs for our data visualization components and customers.
  • External Integrations — Our suite of plugins that allow partners to embed checkout flows directly into their own websites. You’ll be helping us work on rethinking and rebuilding this in a much more modern way, all driven by API’s and embeddable cross-origin React components.
  • Data Analysis and NLP — Help us extract meaningful and actionable information out of our data. You will help ideate and build out ways to deliver this information to our partners.

All about you 

Do you enjoy building foundational pieces of application infrastructure that not only supports the features we are building now but also those we will build tomorrow?

Are you a builder who feels that robust APIs, monitoring, resiliency, scalability and security are foundational pieces to every project?

Are you comfortable with a large product surface area? AnyRoad’s web app and associated services cover a lot of ground.  Do you like helping other engineers and being part of a team that is aiming to improve and grow collectively?

Are you passionate about understanding the latest trends, technologies or patterns and thinking about how you and your team can benefit from them?

Do you enjoy greenfield challenges – like applying natural language processing to user-generated content, or building out new user interfaces and APIs for our experience platform?

Find open positions and apply here.

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