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Distillers & Brewers: Data that Matters

Learn how data can be used by the alcohol industry – from distillers and brewers – to better understand their customers.

It seems that everything that we do these days is tracked by someone. Online searches, using mobile applications, and even just having a conversation around our “friends” Alexa and Siri. It’s all creating insights for brands to better understand consumer behavior (for better or worse).

People are more conscious of how they are being tracked these days, and it’s becoming highly regulated by state and federal governments. Since data collection has become more and more difficult, most brands have adopted a first-party data strategy as a primary way to measure their success.

So what can you learn about your customers and your brand through these insights? 

AnyRoad has partnered with alcohol brands all over the world to schedule and measure experiences for more than 2.5 million consumers.  For everything from tours and tastings, to classes and field marketing activations, we have identified some remarkable trends that help our partners improve brand loyalty, conversion, and future revenue.

  • Average Guests Per Booking: 3 Guests
  • Average Tour Size: 11 Guests
  • Average Revenue per Booking: $51.90
  • Average Revenue per Guest: $18.80
  • NPS change post visit: 2X increase
  • Largest % of guests by age group: 31- 40 years old (25%)

So, why do these trends matter to distilleries and breweries?

Improving Experiences

Insights and qualitative feedback on experiences should dramatically impact how you manage your tours, tastings, and classes. Continuously evolving based on trending data allows you to identify areas for improvement and keep things fresh for return visitors. The two biggest contributing factors to highly rated tours are (1) the tour guide and (2) the group size. Guest feedback is one of many key success metrics a tasting room manager or tours manager might share value with executive leadership or owners according to BRC Imagination Arts, designers of the Johnnie Walker Princes Street and Co-Authors of The Complete Guide to Running a Successful Brand Home

Marketing Investments

Are you marketing to the right audience? When partnering with your digital agencies or working with your in-house marketing leaders, it’s essential to identify relevant demographic data. 75% of alcohol experience bookings happen online, in advance. A majority of tour bookings are made by females (55%) within 100 miles of the experience; although the percentage of guests from more than 400 miles away is similar in size. Knowing your audience and catering to their needs is a huge part of sustainable brand conversion.

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